MLP – Jokes and Android emulators Tuesday, Jul 12 2016 

Feel free to ignore this, but:

  1. Funny jokes based on real life experiences (sugarless snacks eaten as a meal rather and desert).
  2. Android Emulators (perhaps running them on a Celeron based laptop isn’t the best idea, but it is what I have now so was hoping I could make it out).
  3. IDLE RPG (a bizarre concept but the thing I notice the most is the change in UI from this to the next, and how it is functional but flawed, and not at all attractive. So I want to make a better UI for my own projects. Whilst at it, maybe also an idle RPG since it seems to be a rite of passage, and is easier than some of the other projects I am working on… but I’m just linking it here because I’m fascinated by the concept).


MLP – Linux Lockup Woes Thursday, Apr 28 2016 

Sometimes, Ctrl-Alt-Backspace doesn’t work for me on Linux Mint 17.3; but SRK+K might, but I am not sure as the lockups seem to happen when I have been lulled into a false sense of security and don’t really want to go into ‘sysadmin mode’.


Economics verus Prosperity (Draft, MLE) Sunday, Apr 24 2016 

I should be in bed[2], trying to get better. However, reality is never enough for the progressive man (of any gender), aspirations greater than reality[1] are always needed. In any case, this is an incomplete draft.

  1. The new Astrology: Economics
  2. Busy and distracted (just a distraction, FOMO is a nice term: Fear of Missing Out, but that second article suggests we can escape from that fear-based system)


MLP – Professional Pseudo-Science Thursday, Apr 21 2016 

The scientific method is great, but professional scientists don’t often follow it. Having focused on paying mortgages, many systems are designed to maximize fiscal profits at the lack of compassion, and take along their members on this ride deeper into walking death.


Prior Priorities (Draft,MLE) Sunday, Apr 17 2016 

They are two articles which I came across, which illustrate the silent problem with the dragon’s social “science”. One of them was all I could find now, so this is just a short note.

The author of this article at aeon disputes the value of coders, or says that he does, but he really buries the real issue, which is that an idea and a viable business plan are separated by an abyss which the employee system, rather than the developmental process, fills.


MLP – DJGPP and DOSBOX Sunday, Apr 17 2016 

You can ignore this for now.


MLE – Technical articles Sunday, Apr 17 2016 

Mostly Link Propagation type Essay, or an article which is mostly links to other articles.

Recently, I was doing some research to support a project which has since started. …cast a wide net to search for some information, … discovered some things which are interesting, but irrelevant and expensive (tl;dr), so I am putting the links here to remind myself to either read them later or write something better, when the budget is better.


Metanoia (day 1) Wednesday, Feb 17 2016 

The word translated as “repent”… may be better rendered “metanoia”, or above the mind, initiating a new momentum. It doesn’t exactly mean turning around, or becoming mindful, but those concepts come close.


Notes for Later – RSync and stuff Monday, Feb 1 2016 

Just leaving this here for reference as I set up my workbench full of nice machines that talk to each other:

  1. Rsync – this is part of setting up automatic incremental backups, see the nice WikiPedia article on it. You could just use CrashPlan, instead, if you want (much friendlier, but Internet based).
  2. Filezilla (client only GUI thingy for Linux Mint / Ubuntu ftp)
  3. Setting up an ftp server on Linux Mint or something (WikiHow, shorter article)
  4. Something unrelated, Ten Behaviors of Genuine People.
  5. And something fun, the BYOND project.


Opera and Extensions Wednesday, Dec 23 2015 

Apparently, rather than “plugins”, Opera has “Extensions”. I imagine some marketing guru said that plugins are not manly enough, but men of every gender love to extend things.

I am trying some of these extensions, on Opera for Windows 7.


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